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The Civil Wars: A Military History 1638 - 1660
by  John, Jane Kenyon, Ohlmeyer  
Publisher Oxford University Press
Published Date 1998
ISBN 019866222X)
First Edition   First Printing  
Hardback book in dustjacket. Very good used condition.
powerful new assessment of the conflict that engulfed the kingdoms ruled by Charles I after 1638, written by 9 distinguished historians. It focuses on the wars not simply as an English conflict but as a related series of civil wars within and between England, Wales, Scotland & Ireland ...more
The Civil War: The War of the Three Kingdoms 1638-1660
by  Trevor Royle  
Publisher Little Brown
Published Date 4 March 2004
ISBN 9780316861250
First Edition   First Printing  
Hardback book in dustjacket. Near fine/near fine used condition. Not price-clipped/no previous owner inscriptions.
One late summer's day in 1642 two rival armies faced each other across the rolling Warwickshire countryside at Edgehill. There, Royalists faithful to King Charles I engaged in a battle with the supporters of the Parliament. Ahead lay even more desperate battles like Marston Moor and Naseby. The fighting was also to rage through Scotland and Ireland, notably at the siege of Drogheda and the decisive battle of Dunbar. The tumultuous Civil War was a pivotal one in British history. From his shrewd analyses of the multifarious characters who played their parts ......more
The Causes of the English Civil War
by  Norah Carlin  
Publisher Blackwells
Published Date January 1999
ISBN 0631204512
Softback. Very good used condition.
This book provides readers with the essential background to the English Civil War and the historical debates surrounding its causes. It discusses the pitfalls of arguments about causation and analyzes the events that preceded the war. The volume examines the areas of possible long-term conflict and assesses the different explanations in the light of recent scholarship. The Causes of the English Civil War is an ideal introduction to the period, bringing the latest arguments to bear on this important period in English history. ...more
The Causes of the English Civil War
by  Ann Hughes  
Publisher Macmillan
Published Date 1994
ISBN 0333426614
Softback. Excellent read once condition.
This book is intended as a guide and introduction to recent scholarship on the causes of the English civil war. It examines English developments in a broader British and European context, and explores current debates on the nature of the political process and the divisions over religion and politics. It then analyses renewed attempts to set the civil war in a social context, and to connect social change to broad cultural cleavages in England. The author also provides her own positive interpretation which takes account of the valuable insights of revisionist approaches, but concludes that long term ideological divisions and ......more
The British Revolution 1629-1660
by  Allan I Macinnes  
Publisher Macmillan
Published Date 29 October 2004
ISBN 0333597508
Softback. Very good condition.
Opposition to the Stuarts as an imperial dynasty led to revolution in all three kingdoms of England, Scotland and Ireland that drew upon and shaped different perceptions of Britain. Allan Macinnes' wider contextualizing of a British revolution - which challenges the anglocentric dominance of British History - takes account of apocalyptic visions, baronial politics and commercial networks as well as confessional allegiances, representative images and written texts. ...more
The Anglo-Saxon State
by  James Campbell  
Publisher Hambledon and London
Published Date 2000
ISBN 1852851767
First Edition   First Printing  
Hardback book in dustjacket. Near fine/near fine used condition. Not price-clipped/no previous owner inscriptions.
These essays make a case for how unified and well-governed Anglo-Saxon England was, and how numerous and wealthy its inhabitants were. By asking questions about the Anglo-Saxons, and by offering answers to people that question historical orthodoxy, this work demands the rethinking of assumptions. ...more
Soldiers and Strangers: An Ethnic History of the English Civil War
by  Mark Stoyle  
Publisher Yale University Press
Published Date 5 August 2005
ISBN 9780300107005
First Edition   First Printing  
Hardback book in dustjacket. VG+/VG+ read once condition. Some bumping to lower corners.
The Civil War fought between Charles I and his Parliament is one of the most momentous conflicts in English history. This book provides a wholly new perspective by revealing the extent to which the struggle possessed an 'ethnic' dimension, and the impact of that on the forging of English national identity. Stoyle reveals the acute fear of foreign invasion which gripped England after 1640, following rebellions in Wales and Cornwall, incursions of powerful 'Celtic' armies in support of the king and the arrival of foreign professional officers to serve in the rival armies. The advent ......more
by  Ranulph Fiennes  
Publisher Hodder and Stoughton
Published Date 15 October 2009
ISBN 9780340925027
Signed   First Edition   First Printing  
Signed by Ranulph Fiennes in black ink directly on the title page. First edition first printing. Very fine/very fine new unread condition.
Discover Sir Ranulph Twistelton-Wykham-Fiennes’s personal expedition to trace his extraordinary family through the twists and turns of history. From Charlemagne – himself a direct ancestor of the author – to the count who very nearly persuaded William the Conqueror to retreat at Hastings, many members of this unique clan have lived close to the nerve centre of the ruler of their day.
They number in their ranks a murderer, a wife poisoner, a poacher, England's greatest female traveller of the 17th century, and an extortionist Lord High ......more
Random Shots from a Rifleman
by  Captain John Kincaid  
Publisher Spellmount
Published Date 1998
ISBN 186227026
First Edition   First Printing  
Hardback book in dustjacket. Near fine/near fine used condition. First edition thus. Facsimile reprint of 1835 1st Edition. Spellmount Library of Military History
John Kincaid was the real-life "Sharpe," and this collection of colorful anecdotes about active campaigning in the Peninsula and garrison duty in Dublin has never been as readily available as his Adventures in the Rifle Brigade. ...more
Prehistoric Ritual and Religion
by  Alex Gibson  
Publisher Sutton
Published Date 19 February 1998
ISBN 9780750915977
First Edition   First Printing  
Hardback in dustjacket. Near fine/near fine used condition. Not price-clipped - shows price of £40
Written by distinguished scholars, the latest methods of research are applied to selected sites and monuments to suggest new ways of approaching this evocative, archaeological subject. Prehistoric astronomy, the Celtic ritual calendar and orientaion of stone age monuments in relation to lunar or solar observations are also considered. ...more
Light Dragoons
by  Allan Mallinson  
Publisher Leo Cooper
Published Date 1 December 1993
ISBN 0850523680
Signed   First Edition   First Printing  
Hardback book in dustjacket. Fine/fine. Not price-clipped shows price of £18.50. Signed on the title page by the author. Early and scarce work by the author of the Matthew Hervey series.
Lambert Simnel and the Battle for Stoke
by  Michael Bennett  
Publisher Sutton
Published Date 1993
ISBN 0750903775
Softback. Very good used condition.
This book probes the mysteries surrounding Simnel, raises new questions about his identity and charts the history of the rebellion ending at the battle of Stoke. ...more
Intelligence in War
by  John Keegan  
Publisher Hutchinson
Published Date September 2002
ISBN 0091802296
Signed   First Edition   First Printing  
Hardback book in dustjacket.Fine/fine unread condition. Signed by the author directly on the title page.
'No war can be conducted successfully without early and good intelligence,' wrote Marlborough, and from the earliest times commanders have sought knowledge of the enemy, his strengths and weaknesses, his dispositions and intentions. But how much effect, in the 'real time' of a battle or a campaign, can this knowledge have? In this magisterial new study, which will fascinate readers of both military and more general history, the author of "A History of Warfare" goes to the heart of a series of important conflicts to develop a powerful argument about intelligence in war. ......more
Hawkwood Diabolical Englishman
by  Frances Stonor Saunders  
Publisher Faber and Faber
Published Date 26 October 2004
ISBN 057121908x
First Edition   First Printing  
Hardback book in dustjacket. Near fien/near fine readonce condition.
The second son of a minor Essex landowner, John Hawkwood chose to head south in 1360 after serving as a captain in the Black Prince's wars against France. He and other freebooters besieged the Pope at Avignon, and when they were paid to go to Italy, discovered that the threat of force could be very profitable indeed. Hawkwood became the most successful mercenary leader of the time - immortalised after death by Paolo Uccello's fresco in the Duomo. This is the story of an age when everything came to have a price. But above all, Hawkwood is a brilliant illumination of one of the outstanding figures of ......more
English Medieval Knight 1400-1500
by  Christopher Gravett  
Publisher Osprey
Published Date August 2001
ISBN 184176146x
Softback. Good used condition.
The first of a three-part study of the English mediaeval knight through three centuries. This volume covers the 15th-century knight, following a hypothetical knight and showing how he fared on campaign with the Normans at the loss of Normandy. It covers recruitment, training and active service. ...more
Elizabeth Wydeville
by  Arlene Okerlund  
Publisher Tempus
Published Date 1 May 2005
ISBN 0752433849
First Edition   First Printing  
Hardback book in dustjacket. Fine.
Destruction in the English Civil Wars
by  Stephen Porter  
Publisher Sutton
Published Date 24 July 1997
ISBN 0750915854
First Edition   First Printing  
Softback. Good used condition.
'This day came their Mortar piece which struck the poor Cittizens into an Ague fite of trembling and gazing at the strangeness thereof, not having seen the like before.'. The inhabitant of the besieged town of Lichfield who recorded the above was not alone in witnessing the destructive impact of the English Civil Wars of the mid-seventeenth century. Towns, villages, churches and country houses up and down the land were affected. Indeed, destruction was so widespread that by the end of the Second Civil War at least 150 towns and 50 villages had suffered some damage, 200 country houses had been ruined, and more than 50,000 people had been ......more
Citizens: A Chronicle of the French Revolution
by  Simon Schama  
Publisher Viking
Published Date 1989
ISBN 0670810126
First Edition   First Printing  
Hardback book in dustjacket. Near fine/near fine used condition. Not price-clipped - shows price of £20 net. No previous owner descriptions.
The most authoritative social, cultural and narrative history of the French Revolution, and one of the great landmarks of modern history publishing. "Monumental...provocative and stylish, Simon Schama's account of the first few years of the great Revolution in France, and of the decades that led up to it, is thoughtful, informed and profoundly revisionist" - Eugen Weber, "The New York Times" Book Review. ...more
Alexander the Great: The Hunt for a New Past
by  Paul Cartledge  
Publisher Macmillan
Published Date 20 August 2004
ISBN 9781405032926
First Edition   First Printing  
Hardback book in dustjacket. Fine/fine condition.Not price-clipped. No previous owner inscriptions.
Synopsis There is really no need for any special justification, let alone apology for a new history of Alexander; he is one of those very few iconic figures who remade the world and constantly inspire us to remake our own worlds. Born in 356BCE in Macedonia, present day Thessaloniki, Alexander led the army of his father, King Philip, conquering mainland Greece at the age of eighteen. Two years later, he was himself crowned king. Within the next twelve years Alexander conquered almost the entire known world, pushing the limits of Greek and Macedonian power to astonishing levels. Under ......more
A History of the English Speaking Peoples Volume IV The Great Democracies
by  Winston S. Churchill  
Publisher Cassell
Published Date 1958
ISBN n/a
First Edition   First Printing  
Hardback book in dustjacket. Near fine/near fine. No previous owner inscriptions. Book and dustjacket bright and clean. Not price-clipped - 30s. net.
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